3D Skin Tightening

Do you want to improve the look and feel of your skin without surgery?
Would you like to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

3D Skin Tightening has an immediate effect by tightening the framework of the skin by contraction of the collagen fibres and tissue retraction therefore aiding remodelling and rejuvenation. It also facilitates cellulite and stretch marks by improving blood flow to the treated area and promoting the breakdown of fat cells aiding the re-absorption and drainage of fatty deposits and retained fluids.

3D Skin Tightening is safe and non invasive on both face and body parts. Clients will be advised at the time of consultation how many treatments are needed per treatment area.

Benefits of 3D Skin Tightening

Skin tightening and anti cellulite treatment rolled into one

Non invasive

Can be used on both the face and body

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for 3D Skin Tightening

  • 1 Session: £89

  • 6 Sessions: £500

  • 8 Sessions: £625

Pricing for Face and Neck

  • 1 Session: £79

  • 6 Sessions: £440

  • 8 Sessions: £580


Payment Plans available

We have payment plans available with our partners at Pretty Face Finance