Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology was developed by Chiropractors in the 60’s, headed by Dr George Goodheart – rated by Time Magazine as one of America’s top 100 innovators of all time.

AK is a very holistic system of diagnosing problems and asserting appropriate therapeutic measures. This is done through muscle testing, the muscles are controlled by the nervous system and are therefore connected to every other system in the body. The nervous system knows everything which is going on in the body.

AK can determine the causal factors of symptoms and is capable of treating causes, which in turn heals symptoms such as; pain, fatigue, breathing problems, migraine, acne and eczema as well as many others. Since AK treats causes, the normal bodily functions are restored and symptoms abate. Drugs however, tend to treat the symptoms and block the body’s response, which in turn deepens the problem. It can often lead to dependency and the need for more drugs, due the side effects created by drugs .

AK incorporates Chiropractic musculoskeletal techniques, Chinese medicine theories, homeopathic theories, biochemistry and physiology. Applying these different theoretical models to understand the nature of problems, allowing for an integrated holistic & complete diagnostic treatment program.

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