Bio Energy Healing

When our energy is flowing and balanced we feel good, but when it is blocked or disturbed we can feel unwell physically, mentally or emotionally. Bio-Energy Healing can help our system to return to a state of flow and balance, making the body stronger and more resistant.

Bio-Energy Healing is a safe and natural form of healing that involves minimal touch and does not involve the use of any needles, massage or medicines. It works by clearing and balancing our energy fields and energy centres (or Chakras) and can help to:

  • boost the immune system – making the body better able to heal itself
  • relieve stress
  • resolve emotional states
  • calm the mind
  • relax the physical body
  • provide a sense of wellbeing
  • enhance our ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life

Bio-Energy Healing would especially benefit those who are dealing with emotional or stressful situations, looking to unlock and release mental or emotional trauma or wanting to strengthen their immune systems.

What’s involved and how will I feel afterwards?

Energetic shifts start to happen within the first Bio-Energy Healing session, however, a minimum course of 4 sessions is recommended in order to properly embed energetic changes and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. Depending on a client’s presenting condition (chronic / acute), more sessions may be required over a longer period of time. Many clients favour monthly top-up sessions after the initial course of treatments in order to help them to maintain a balanced energy system.

Sessions last 1 hour, including and 45 minute treatment and 15 minutes to cover consultation time to discuss how you are feeling and what you are hoping to achieve. New clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire.