Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle yet fast-acting way of addressing a broad range of physical ailments such as back pain and other muscular, structural and visceral complaints. It works by shifting the energy blockages that are stagnant in the painful areas, therefore promoting healthy energy flow throughout the entire body.

What happens during a Bowen Therapy session?

At your first session, your Bowen therapist, John Cooper, will ask you a few questions about the reason for your visit and your health history.

You will then lie down on a therapy table, or be asked to stand or sit, depending on the specific procedures that John is intending to perform during the session. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

John will then use gentle, precise movements across specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These moves are designed to unblock areas of stagnant energy, as well as promote the flow of blood and lymph. Each move also sends a healing message to your body, encouraging its own healing mechanism to take over.

There will be pauses during each series of moves, to allow your body time to integrate the signals it is receiving from your therapist. It is common, with Bowen Therapy, that the therapist leaves the room during these breaks. However, as John Cooper, your Bowen therapist, is also a Bio-Energy Healing practitioner, he instead uses these pauses to perform a series of Bio-Energy moves around your body. These moves are designed to access the electromagnetic field around your body and further encourage your body’s ability to heal.

Bowen Therapy works based on the principle that ‘less is more’. The pressure applied to your body during the session is likely to be less than you would expect, doing away with the need for repetitive and often invasive action. As a result, Bowen can be used even in cases of extreme trauma, or with frail, elderly people and very young babies.

After the session, you will feel a deep sense of overall relaxation, and relief from your usual aches and pains. Your body will continue to process the healing signals for up to 10 days after each session.

It is recommended that you book Bowen Therapy sessions approximately one week apart for the first three visits. After that, John may recommend a pause of 3 to 4 weeks before resuming treatment if necessary. Despite its minimalist approach, Bowen Therapy is so effective that in most cases you will be free from pain in your body after only a few sessions.

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

  • fast-acting relief from pain

  • deep sense of relaxation and well-being

  • improved energy flow through the whole body

  • prevents further damage and increased pain

Recommended combination

You may want to combine Bowen Therapy with Energy Psychology, to exponentially increase the power of each Bowen session to remove aches and pains from your body. As our body is connected with our emotions, the emotional healing initiated by Energy Psychology is ideally suited to complement and amplify the effects of Bowen Therapy. As John Cooper is the originator of Energy Psychology, he will be able to provide you with this extremely powerful therapy as part of your Bowen session at no extra cost.