MA=RaY Light

Similar in many ways to Reiki or Sekhem, MA=RaY Light Energy Clearing is channelled through the therapists hands where gentle touch is applied to the body (nowhere private).

You will be under blankets and fully clothed. MA=RaY Light is specifically feminine energy, unlike Reiki which is Universal male/Female energy. It is a stronger, more powerful treatment to Reiki in Carol’s opinion, having been a Melchizedek and Sekhem Master Teacher before developing MA=RaY Light, which came into creation by Carol in 2012.

She has had remarkable results from both hands-on clients feedback and those clients she does distant healing, to that are unable to attend in person at the clinic or who are based overseas. (The results are the same). Carol has delivered over 900 cases to date and trained 3 MA=RaY Light Therapists in Edinburgh. Clients have reported many varying benefits to a session or course of treatments, from help with insomnia, to reduction of severe negative thinking patterns and relief from mild to chronic pain.

Those suffering from depression or levels on mental or emotional upsets feel quite strong shifts and find the MA=RaY Light nurturing and nourishing for the mind. Body and spirit. It is likely a course of sessions will be necessary to bring lasting change and this will be discussed in the consultation to begin with and at end.