Social Imprinting Release

Societal Imprinting Release (S.I.R.) – Past life Regression

Lying down on couch fully clothed and under blankets, you will be gently taken back to a past time in this lifetime or into past lifetime where a negative imprint was embedded into your consciousness. Your practitioner, Carol Watson, will discuss in the initial consultation what you have an issue with and then can target and pinpoint this in the session. Carol developed this treatment in 2009 and has regressed clients more than 250 times with great success. You will see images in your mind’s eyes connected to this past event that has caused you anxiety in a relationship or in your life in general.

If you feel there is a block or pain that you have no inkling about that debilitates you on some level then a Past Life Regression is very beneficial to review and change a negative imprint from you. It can be cathartic and freeing. It is often useful to have 1-2 follow up S.I.R. sessions to completely resolve the inner issues or Carol may recommend a Reiki or MA=RaY Light treatment to clear any remaining imprint away.