Medicinal, Therapeutic Sound. This new treatment called Sound-Sense was developed in 2016 By Carol Watson, which works with sound in deeply profound ways, gently, or vigorously affecting, or impacting the subtle chakra system of the body and indeed the whole bodies systems; the nervous, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and skeletal. It is mind, heart, body and soul work.

Throughout a Sound-Sense session the client is made comfortable as he/she lies on the couch, covered and warm. The room is darkened and during the treatment no touch is applied to the client’s body at all, apart from placement, one at a time of a Medical or Solfeggio high pitched and low pitched tuning fork on the body; these are gently placed, one on the forehead, the chest, solar plexus and abdomen during a 60 or 90 minute session, a singing bowl is chimed and drum played along with several other instruments. What this does is to send tiny ripples of vibration into the area(s) of the body as sound waves and starts to shift blocked or stuck energy in the body in order to clear it.

The impact sound has during the session will vary according to the client and tailor made to his/her needs and preferences, whether it simply be deep rhythmic, circular-breathing using the in and out breath that will deeply oxygenate the system and purifying it of dense carbon dioxide or toning the chakras with Carol, even gentle chanting Mantra’s such as the OM can be incorporated which can have soulful impact on the psyche and being. Carol is a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader and can incorporate a powerful laughter exercise into the session if you don’t mind simulating laughter together. It may not be for everyone but the brain cannot tell the difference between simulated or real laughter and releases endorphins into the body which will really quite literally lighten you up. It also moves denseness in the muscle and tissue.

You understand how sound does and can uplift, inspire, motivate, shake you up, bring up old memories, move you, as Carol suggests and believes clients do agree at the end of a treatment that Sound-Sense, does make ‘sound sense’ to apply as a healing modality, just as the ancient cultures have applied sounds for therapeutic benefits for generations such as the Native American Indian and Egyptian drums and rattles, Tibetan Singing Bowls, South American Pan Pipes, Aboriginal Yidak or Digeridoo is known to repair torn ligaments and broken bones. The Celtic or Druidic pipes and tunes in this culture can mesmerise and be very emotive.

Sound invokes reaction whether to soothe, such as the calm of ocean waves or birdsong in nature to enhance visionary or higher states of consciousness.

Sound works for clients with issues regarding breathing, busy minds, headaches, sinus problems, stiffness in the body, hearing or balance issues, or for those that are in need of finding the deepest states of relaxation where you can reconnect with your essential nature in a very soulfully connected way. At the end of the session you will feel revived, renewed and grounded ready to face another day.


I have recently been tested at the hospital and they have discovered I have pollops in my cheeks. I had 3 Sound-Sense sessions with Carol to help relieve the stabbing pain in my face, particularly sinus area before it was diagnosed and given prescribed medication to take from my Doctor. This gave me up to 2 hours pain relief. During the After the Sound-Sense sessions I could literally feel the mucus shift and drain. After the sessions it gave me up to 48 hours pain relief. There were more benefits besides that, such as deep peace and clarity of mind, I also felt soulfully re-connected and had much better sleep. I certainly do highly recommend it.

Lysette, Edinburgh.