Vortex Healing

VortexHealing® is a holistic system of energetic healing  which works solely with divine light and consciousness.

It derives its name from a particular divine energy-vortex that is brought in through the heart and which becomes a vehicle for divine presence to manifest healing and transformation. The deep connection to this divine presence is what makes VortexHealing so unique, for the beginning practitioner can channel not just very powerful healing energies—the 49 unique forms of divine Vortex Light—but also the consciousness of the divine presence itself, and have all that be bridged deeply into whomever is being treated. This enables VortexHealing to perform profound healings on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. They are transformed directly by divine consciousness, at all levels of our energy system & consciousness.

VortexHealing can help all physical and emotional issues.